Jackalyn Rainosek: Self-Awareness for Professional Success

Jackalyn Rainosek is a facilitator of learning who, through DTP Leadership Group, LLC, helps others transform their professional and personal lives through self-awareness.

Many of the people that Jackalyn Rainosek works with are seeking professional success. If self-awareness and professional success don’t seem related to you, think again. Below are just some of the ways that self-awareness could boost your career:

•    Change Negative Habits. When you focus on self-awareness, you learn to identify and change negative habits – the fewer negative habits you have, the more appealing you are as an employee or co-worker.

For example, if you have a habit of interrupting people, learning to apply self-awareness will help you recognize this. Next, you can consider why you interrupt people and use your mindfulness to stop doing it. Someone who never interrupts their colleagues tends to shine above those with the negative habit of cutting others off mid-sentence.

•    Communicate More Effectively. Learning self-awareness in a workshop setting helps you learn communication on multiple levels. Just as each workshop provides different insights into effective communication, each person in the workshop with you can help you learn about listening.

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t carry on professional conversations as smoothly as you should, learning tricks like active listening can improve your career in days.

•    Eliminate Roadblocks. Improving self-awareness helps you identify and eliminate roadblocks in your professional path.

For example, if a lack of empathy is a consistent professional roadblock for you, self-awareness practices can help you most past it for good.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jackalyn Rainosek or DTP Leadership Group, LLC.

About Jackalyn Rainosek

Jackalyn Rainosek is presently working as a facilitator of learning as the co-owner of DTP Leadership Group, LLC.
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