Jackalyn Rainosek: The Centergy™ Model

Centergy™ is a model of consulting and personal development developed by Jackalyn Rainosek beginning in 1991. She says that the transformative power of Centergy™ is in its creative approach to the three elements at its core: habitual patterns of behavior, emotional connections, and creating socially just environments.

The Centergy™ model, which Jackalyn Rainosek has trademarked, has helped many people transform their lives, their organizations, and the groups and teams that they work with. Her approach helps them to create positive changes. “We have been in the business of personal growth/transformation work and then the other side of our business deals with organizations,” she says. “We teach people about their habitual patterns that prevent them from being about to lead themselves.”

Jackalyn Rainosek is also a Certified Master with The Leadership Challenge®, a worldwide campaign intended to bring out the leader in everyone. It was developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in the 1980s. “Once we have taught people how to lead themselves,” she says, “then we have the opportunity to change systems and develop whole new concepts of leadership.”

Jackalyn Rainosek has been an entrepreneur and consultant for more than forty years, and has worked with hundreds of clients. She earned a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University-College Station. She also has a Master of Education in Counseling and Guidance from Texas State University (at the time, Southwest Texas State University) and a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Sociology from the University of Texas-Austin. She is a past President and Co-Chair of Women on the Move for Texas Executive Women (TEW).


About Jackalyn Rainosek

Jackalyn Rainosek is presently working as a facilitator of learning as the co-owner of DTP Leadership Group, LLC.
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